The Paparazzi Difference

How is Paparazzi Different from other Direct Sales Companies?

Paparazzi Accessories is like no other company out there. Here are just some of the reasons why Paparazzi is unique:


1 - Buy your Inventory Upfront - Each Independent Consultant purchases their own personal inventory from Paparazzi. Each piece is $2.75. Since each consultant has their own inventory, each party is going to be different.


2 - There is No Print Catalog, Just One Online -  Paparazzi's inventory offered to consultants and their customers changes everyday, Mon through Fri! This ensures that the very latest fashion-forward pieces are available. This also allows each party to offer new items. So even if a customer went to a party a few weeks ago, there will be new inventory they haven't seen yet!


3 - Take Home Cash -  After each party or event you will leave with money in your pocket. Since you pay the consultant price upfront when you buy your inventory, all the money you make while selling simply goes into your pocket! There is no need to send money back to Paparazzi! There is no waiting for a commissions check! You have your money right then and there!!!


4 - Cash 'n Carry -  Customers love that when they find a piece they love they get to take it home with them that night. There is no need to place an order, fill out an order form, and wait a week or more to get your order! They find a piece and like it, they buy it, and take it home right away!


5 - Ways to Sell -  Most Direct Sales companies limit or restrict your way of selling or promoting. With Paparazzi there are a variety of ways to sell your products. You can sell at home parties, your Paparazzi website, FACEBOOK, fairs, expos, events, city fairs, yard sales, flea markets, online, etc. The only rule there really is about selling is you can not sell on Ebay, Amazon, Craig's List, etc. You can advertise the Paparazzi Opportunity on Craig's List though. Paparazzi allows you to run your business the way that is best for you. Each Independent Consultant is different in the way they run their business. What works for one might not work for another. So it is great that you are able to try different approaches to your business and allow yourself to find what works best for you.