Paparazzi Mission

What is Paparazzi Accessories Mission?

The goal and mission of Paparazzi is to bring self-confidence, empowerment, and independence to women everywhere. Each Independent Consultant experiences the customers transformations that occur when they put on an accessory that they dazzle in! It is so exciting to see that self-confidence just radiate from their faces! There is no greater feeling then knowing that you are helping women feel good about themselves.


Paparazzi fulfills their mission in several ways:


1 - Paparazzi offers women an affordable way to be fashionable and feel and look great. This increases the women's confidence while not hurting their pocketbook! Paparazzi calls this "Guilt-Free Confidence"! Instead of buying one piece at a high price at a local department store, women are able to buy several pieces of Paparazzi. Thus making more looks and more selection for less!


2 - Paparazzi offers a home-based business with true earning potential. Since you are your own boss YOU are in control of how much you work, when you work, and how much money you make. This is ideal for Stay-at-Home moms and also working women! You can work as simply as taking a box with you to the local park and sell to the moms while the kids play, or take a little basket to your sons baseball games and sell there, or you can go all out and throw home parties! It is up to YOU to make this YOUR business and run it YOUR way!


3 - Paparazzi offers great residual income opportunities. Through sharing the Paparazzi Opportunity with your customers, family, and friends, you are able to build your own team, or down line. When others join you are compensated for the training you offer them. If you train other Independent Consultants to become successful, you will be rewarded through the Paparazzi Compensation Plan. Not only do you have this residual income opportunity but you also have your jewelry sales on top of that. There is an endless possibility of growth through Paparazzi!