How to Choose a Paparazzi Sponsor

I live in Utah and about 95% of my team are found outside of my home state. And I have one of the most ACTIVE TEAMS in the whole company! How am I able to accomplish that?



Others have tried to copy what I do, including this very article, but none have been able to produce like I have! I think that shows I have what it takes to lead a nation-wide team onto success!

It doesn't matter how close or how far you are from your Sponsor.

The most important decision when signing up to become a Paparazzi Consultant is to make sure that your Sponsor

(the Consultant that you sign up under) has these attributes:


- Has a Strong Up Line

- Is easily accessible

- Has a growing team

- Resources

- Has a strong commitment to you and to Paparazzi


Let me explain how, as a Sponsor, I have all these great attributes.



In my up-line there are 4 TOP Elite Consultants, including myself! They are all awesome and are more then willing to help with anything to make your business a success! My welcome email I send to you when you join includes all their contact info, facebook group pages, websites etc.



I stay in close contact to all my team members. They can contact me by email, text, phone, and Facebook. I answer questions as soon as I can, usually within an hour or less. You need a dependable Sponsor that you know is there and will take care of you.



My team is growing rapidly! That shows that I am active in Paparazzi. It also shows that I know the ways to get people to sign up. I will help you grow your team too. In fact, if you join under me I will list your name under the state you live in so that those who want to through a party or even join will be able to find you and contact you! That is a great opportunity! Anyway you can get your name and business out there for the public to see, the better your business will do. And it's FREE!!! It's a great perk for signing under me!



As you can tell by my website, I have a lot of resources for all my team members. I am constantly adding info to it. I make sure to remind them to check my site often for helpful tips, advice, and even motivation. I send 14 training emails after you join to help you get familiar with your new business! And I have more!!!



I love this business. I love seeing team members succeed and grow their own teams. I love sharing this incredible opportunity! And because of my website, I get a lot of people from all across the country wanting to have a Paparazzi Party. Can you believe it?! People are ASKING to have a Paparazzi Party! So I look for a team member that lives in the same area as the Party hopeful and tell them about the Party opportunity. I think that is a perk for those on my team, I pass along opportunities! And I get so excited when a new Consultant has successes so that they can see how wonderful this business is. And then they will want to share with their friends and etc. Not only is the product awesome and of good value (you can't beat $5!!) you will be helping women of all ages feel beautiful! I love that!


I would LOVE for you to join up under me! As I have explained, it really doesn't matter if you live 3,000 miles away or are down the street from me. I am here wherever you may be! 

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