The Paparazzi Accessories Difference

What is so different about Paparazzi?


What makes Paparazzi Accessories stand out amongst all the other home-based jewelry businesses? One word answers that question: EVERYTHING!

The first, and the most obvious, is the PRICE POINT. Everything that Paparazzi Accessories sells is $5! You can't say that about the other companies. With this low price most everyone can afford to pick out a piece or two or more! You won't feel guilty about splurging on a new bracelet that only matches your one outfit. It's a low-cost way to accessorize!


The second difference is the PAY. Paparazzi Accessories offers its consultants 45% commissions. Other companies only offer 25% or 30% at most. And you get your commissions as soon as you sell. If you sell accessories at a party you will go home with a profit in your pocket that night. No need to wait weeks for a check in the mail from the company.


The third difference is the JEWELRY. You would think for only $5 the jewelry would feel cheap and be made out of not-great materials. But it isn't! Paparazzi Accessories are of great quality. Many people are surprised at how great the jewelry is. And how fashionable it is.

The fourth difference is that Paparazzi Accessories CHANGES up their INVENTORY every day, Mon through Fri!!! This ensures that they are offering the most up-to-date pieces. For this reason Paparazzi Accessories does not have a print catalog. You can look at their current inventory at

To learn the difference yourself become a Consultant! Experience this fast-growing company and see for yourself! Contact me for any questions.

Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Independent Consultant # 11156