The Paparazzi Advantage

Paparazzi Accessories has many advantages over other direct sale companies.


- No Paparazzi Catalog!

        Paparazzi releases NEW jewelry EVERY DAY! Mon through Fri except for Holidays. Because of this, Paparazzi has no catalog because the jewelry for sale is always changing! You always have NEW items to show your customers. With a catalog company you are stuck selling the same things for months until another catalog comes out. 


 - Great Commissions from the Start!

      When you sell the jewelry, you will make 45% commissions from the start! No need to build up your business to get the great commission like other companies.


- Free Replicated Website!

      When you become a Paparazzi Consultant you will automatically have a website created for you FOR FREE!!! No monthly costs to have this website. 


- No Monthly Quota!

      There is no monthly quota you have to meet. You could go months without ordering and still be a consultant. The only requirement is to make sure to purchase / sell from your website 100 pcs in a rolling calendar year. 


- No Sales Pitch!

      In other companies you have to tell people why they need your product. With Paparazzi Jewelry it's simple! $5 Jewelry! You don't have to convince customers they want that pretty necklace! At the price point, they're going to purchase one, two, or more pieces!


- You get Paid Right Away!     

      After you sell a piece from your inventory, you keep the money! No need to send it to Paparazzi or wait for a paycheck!