Earrings...Oh how I love Earrings!  I love all the Paparazzi Jewelry Earrings there are to choose from.  Earrings are my #1 accessory of choice and always have been.  It's rare to find me without a pair of earrings on even if I'm in my kick-back clothes.  Putting on a pair of earrings has always made me feel all "Dressed Up!"  I know that may sound crazy but I think that everyone has that one favorite accessory that brings out inner confidence.  I have been known for wearing some pretty big earrings.  Even in College with my super short hair I would wear big, bright earrings or large hoops...so the Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories provides me with choices that are right up my alley.  As you can see there are many styles, colors, and metals to choose from and best of all they are all Nickel Free!  I still today love, love, love Earrings! Do you know what's really awesome?   Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories is constantly adding new designs, shapes, and sizes and also offers a few clip-on earring choices.  Everything from Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Bright!  Wear a Pair Today!