What is a Paparazzi Consultant?

Posted by Debbie Parkin on

A Paparazzi Consultant is someone who has become an independent consultant to Paparazzi Accessories. As a Paparazzi Consultant we are able to purchase Paparazzi jewelry at a discounted price and resell it for a profit. 

Paparazzi Consultants sell beautiful jewelry. They are able to earn a 45% Paparazzi commission. As a consultant you are also able to build your own team of consultants, train them, and earn commissions on their sales. 

You Won't Want to Quit Paparazzi Once You Get Started

One of the most successful methods to sell Paparazzi jewelry is by doing live jewelry shows on Facebook.

Here's how it works,  Purchase your inventory. Schedule your live jewelry show event on Facebook. Then go live showing each piece of your jewelry and explain what styles go with them. It's really easy to become a live jewelry presenter showing Paparazzi jewelry and using Facebooks free live streaming service.

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